charles bradley tribute

Vodafone Mexefest will feature the documentary "Charles Bradley: Soul of America". The musician - who was confirmed for this year's edition and 2016 of the Festival, but unfortunately was unable to attend - died in September without having time to do everything he wanted. Not even be heard enough times by his fans, and receive in return the applause of gratitude he deserved.

The documentary tells the story of a difficult life, of poverty and tragedy, and a career that started too late in 2011 at age 62 with the debut album Time for Dreaming. An enormous soul-music record that would eventually give Charles Bradley the recognition that should have come sooner, but with what will forever be remembered.

"Charles Bradley: Soul of America" ​​will be shown on Saturday, the 25th, in room 3 of Cinema São Jorge, at 6pm, for anyone who has a festival bracelet, up to the limit of the room's capacity.